// Efficiency

We cut costs and raise quality of software development while still keeping the timeline


With 20 years plus experience in SAP development projects are leading each single development.


We automatized our software development process by intensively using tools and frameworks provided by SAP and third party companies.

Excellent tools

Excellent tools to support collaboration and project management guarantee an efficient development progress.


Core development is done by a proved and tested development team with an outstanding team spirit and skills.


All Nexgen employees have high skills in various development areas, communication and compliance.


Our reliability is the overall foundation of all previous success parameters.

One Office

All team members are located in the same country, the same city and even in the same office sitting next to each other thus making alignments much easier.


Our own test department manages the entire test process to deliver error-free apps.

Test Driven Development

With the use of unit tests we catch defects very early thus avoiding expensive bug-fixing later on.


Transparency and honesty is our basis of work.

You might think “all software developing companies or departments claim those merits…”