The idea

Nexgen AppFactory is an approach to involve companies running SAP in Nexgen’s product development planning. Through Nexgen’s AppFactory, we hope to understand current trends in desired apps, enhancements and functionalities.
The more we know about your needs, the better we can develop products that help you optimize your business and get the most out of your data.

We are experts in LISTENING to our customers and DEVELOPING software which meet our customers needs and expectations.

How it works

Our AppFactory acts like a customer idea center which enables customers to bring in ideas for useful apps by submitting their proposals. Or you can browse existing app ideas matching your needs and vote for them. You are also welcome to leave also comments for each existing app proposal. This app innovation center gives Nexgen valuable input as to what is needed for new apps that are not provided by SAP standard. This also gives you the possibility to take share the cost amongst other companies and organizations. 

As soon as an idea reaches 2 votes, we will evaluate it and confidentially contact you proposing you a binding offer for the app development: the more votes we have, the more the cost of development is shared between all interested parties who agree to join the cooperation.

Apps need to meet a dedicated voting threshold in order to be reviewed, evaluated and finally developed by Nexgen.

  • In order to use Nexgen AppFactory, customers first have to register on our website login and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • Only a nickname you entered at registration process will be visible within our App center (your name, contact information and company name is only known by Nexgen and will not made public or used in any other form, see our Privacy disclaimer).
  • Each idea for an app is represented by one tile.
  • When submitting a new idea, make sure the idea is described in a detailed way with enough information (attachments, links, etc.) so that Nexgen understands the request. 
  • We add a date for next review phase to each tile.
  • We might ask for more information concerning your app idea – in that case we swith your proposal to status “information requested”.
  • Voting threshold for a development is 2 company votes.
  • Voting is only possible when status is “in evaluation”
  • Voting is an important tool as the number of votes decide if an idea will be reviewed, evaluated and developed by Nexgen.
  • If an idea is of interest for you, you can follow it, vote on it, and click on ‘Comments’ to leave a remark. 
  • We notify you as a respective customer of the voting result of ideas you are interested in and inform you about next steps.
  • All app ideas get a status which can be “submitted”, “information requested” “in evaluation”, “in progress” or “finalized”.
  • Once developed and tested, you get a transport package for your system, and proposals status moves on to “finalized”.
  • All Apps with status “finalized” can still be purchased for an attractive price by simply contacting us directly and we will make you an offer.

// Drop us a line! We are here to answer your questions!


Your benefit

We appreciate your support to help us developing new products. Votes help us to prioritize app requests and lower development costs for you drastically: every additional customer committing to one App will reduce the costs for all participating customers.
Example: one medium-sized App that would cost EUR 50k to be developed would reduce to EUR 12k for each participating company if 5 companies give Nexgen the order to develop the App. There will always be a 20% additional costs for each customer taking part to cover the extra effort on our side caused by customer-specific adaptions (concerning technical differences of system landscapes, not functionality).

Your advantages

  • Enhance SAP by any missing functionality
  • At Shared costs!
  • Taking part in the design and functionality
  • State-of-the art developments using latest technologies and recommendations from SAP 
  • Fast, stable and robust code, all delivered with unit tests
  • Expandable Apps which can be enhanced with new features by your own specialists or by Nexgen
  • Confidentiality guaranteed

Decision to Go

The final decision for the beginning of development depends on following criterias:

  • How many companies voted for this?
  • How many companies finally signed an agreement with Nexgen?  
  • Is the development effort realistic?
  • Is this APP workable within SAP’s architecture? 
  • Does the APP belong to one of our predefined areas where Nexgen has development competence? (click here for list).

So, please understand that reaching a higher number of votes does not guarantee acceptance for the development.

Interested in existing App?

If you are interested in getting one of our finished Apps, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will make you a very attractive offer at a fraction of our original development costs.


For questions regarding Nexgen’s App-Factory for SAP S/4HANA, please contact: 

Juro Pranjic – SAP App product management

We are looking forward to develop great apps together with you!

These materials are provided by Nexgen for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and Nexgen shall not be liable for errors resulting from this program. 
In particular, Nexgen has no obligation to pursue any course of business outlined on this website or any related presentation, or to develop or release any app or functionality mentioned therein. The information on this website is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code, or functionality.beginni9ng