Nexgen with its high quality standards guarantees a hand seamless integration into your existing infrastructure, and secondly our developments through the use of object orientation and modularization become highly maintenance-joyfully and flexibly to future changes. Through our projects management tool you have at any time insight into current state and progress of the various tasks, and also the possibility of direct interacting with the architect and/or developer is given. So all question, comments and requests are documented within each task. Thus we achieve a complete and detailed project documentation also on a technical level.
At the beginning of a project, a Nexgen architect is assigned to the customer and acts as an interface to our developers, his task is to simplify communication and taking care for development quality and reporting.
Additionaly we daily track the progress of each development: by clear definition of tasks, the constant updating of project progress already on the micro level and the in-house quality control, we detect independently and at a very early stage possible delays on the timeline and budget exceeding estimates. If requested, our customers get a daily or weekly report about a project progress by their assigned architect.

Nexgen offers you a long-term, efficient and cost-effective development partnership for the whole software lifecycle.

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